The First Low
Alcohol Tequila*

Punta Santos has the perfect blue agave tequila bottle design

*According to US regulations,
a Tequila with less than 40%ABV
is consider a Tequila Liqueur

Punta Santos

Like the best tequilas in the world, PUNTA SANTOS is crafted purely from the hearts of the blue agave. If you're looking for a top shelf agave spirit that embodies craftsmanship and passion, try PUNTA SANTOS

Our Tequila bottle design stands out from the rest

Smooth Tequila Liqueur

Only 28% ABV

Crafted to perfection with only 28% ABV vs 40% ABV of a regular tequila, PUNTA SANTOS is a PREMIUM TEQUILA Liqueur that delivers full, rich flavors of high-end tequila without high alcohol notes.

100% Agave Azul Tequila Liqueur
Only 77 cals
per shot

Our blue agave tequila bottles are a marked distinction

Made purely from Agave Azul, PUNTA SANTOS is crafted with no added colorants, or artificial sweeteners, PUNTA SANTOS TEQUILA Liqueur has only 77 CALORIES per 1.5 oz.

Small Batch Production
Premium Tequila Liqueur

Punta Santos blue agave tequila bottle will look perfect at your bar

PUNTA SANTOS TEQUILA Liqueur is carefully crafted through a small batch production process, yielding a smooth 100% agave azul tequila flavor that you'll relish sip after sip.

Punta Santos tequila bottle - almost a piece of art

Why is Punta Santos
A Top Shelf Tequila Liqueur?

  • Agave 100% Agave Azul
  • Top Shelf Tequila - Icon 77 Cal per 1.5 oz
  • Low Calorie Tequila - Icon 1.1 Carbs
  • Best Tequila Cocktail - Icon 28% Alcohol by Vol.
  • Gluten Free Tequila - Icon Gluten Free
  • Crafted Only With Blue Agave Hearts
  • Smooth Taste Without High Alcohol Notes
Top Shelf Premium Tequila
The perfect choice for tequila lovers: Punta Santos Top tequila brand

Punta Santos, The Best Tequila Experience

Indulge in our premium tequila liqueur and be transported to the idyllic beach our name is inspired by. You are now in Punta Santos BEACH MODE.


Top Shelf Best Tequila Mixoligy

Low Calorie Tequila Cocktails

Get inspired with our low alcohol tequila cocktail mixology.
We want to hear about and see your favorite cocktail recipes concocted with PUNTA SANTOS! Share your recipes with photos on Instagram, tagging @drinkpuntasantos. We’ll be re-sharing our favorites and gifting select participants with additional product.

Your Best Tequila Self

Carbon Neutral
& Sustainable
Tequila Liqueur Production

From product to packaging, we are committed to sustainability

Join the Low-Alcohol Movement

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Best Pairing Options

Find inspiration in these high-end dishes, expertly crafted by Paradero's Boutique Hotel Chef in Todo Santos. These dishes make the perfect pairing to our luxury tequila.

Best Tequila Pairing  Options - Fruits and Citrus
Best Tequila Pairing  Options - Goat Cheese
Best Tequila Pairing  Options - Oisters
Best Tequila Pairing  Options - Tacos
Best Tequila Pairing  Options - Meat