The low and non-alcohol movement has gained significant momentum in recent years as consumers increasingly prioritize health and wellness. This cultural shift has led to a growing market for beverages that offer an alternative to traditional alcoholic options. According to IWSR Low-to-no beer, cider, wine and spirit products was worth $11 Billion USD globally in 2020. The low-alcohol category typically includes beverages with a lower alcohol by volume (ABV) content, while non-alcoholic options are completely devoid of alcohol. This movement is driven by a desire for healthier lifestyle choices, a focus on moderation, and the recognition that abstaining from or reducing alcohol consumption can contribute to overall well-being.

The market for low and non-alcoholic beverages has witnessed substantial growth, with consumers seeking alternatives that still provide a satisfying and enjoyable drinking experience. Historical data reflects a steady rise in the popularity of these products, with a notable increase in demand over the past decade. Major beverage companies and startups alike have recognized this trend, resulting in the introduction of a wide array of low and non-alcoholic options. The market size for these beverages has expanded globally, catering to a diverse consumer base that spans different age groups and demographics.

Why Low & Non Alcohol options?

To avoid the effects of drinking alcohol (41%)  

I like the taste (39%) 

To reduce my alcohol intake (37%) 

As a healthy lifestyle choice (30%)

* Source: Kisaco Research

Looking ahead, the low and non-alcohol movement is expected to continue its growth trajectory, Low/no alcohol consumption ‘to rise a third’ by 2026. Projections indicate sustained market expansion as consumers become more health-conscious and seek products that align with their wellness goals. Big brands have taken notice of this trend, with many investing in the development and promotion of low and non-alcoholic offerings. Established beverage companies are diversifying their portfolios to include these alternatives, while innovative startups are entering the market with unique and appealing products. The future of the low and non-alcohol movement appears promising, driven by evolving consumer preferences and a broader societal emphasis on health and balance.

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